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 FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Using MyGCC

MyGCC gives you access to a wide range of information and allows you to personalize it in the way that you want to view and access college information.  You can access your current class schedule and financial aid information or you can see and print your unofficial transcript--grades, units and GPA.  You can customize the way this page looks and the system will remember it for the next time you log in.


The confidentiality of your academic record is of vital concern to this institution.  GCC students must identify themselves to our system using a combination of the Student ID Number and a confidential Personal Identification Number (PIN) before being permitted to access their records.  Your Personal Identification Number (PIN) is a 6 digit NUMERIC number.

Naturally, this system can only provide adequate security if students safeguard the privacy and confidentiality of their PIN Number.

If you lose or forget either your Student ID or PIN, you must go to the Admissions and Records office for assistance and instructions.

You must also remember to use the logout link after you are done using the portal.  This will ensure that your private information is kept confidential.  This is especially important if you are using a computer in a public area - the library or a computer lab.  Even if you are using your personal computer, we suggest you log out.

Logout of MyGCC by clicking the LOGOUT link at the bottom of the left side of the screen.

Navigating Through MyGCC

MyGCC has three areas - a navigation bar, a pull-down menu and a content area.  The navigation bar is located to the left and contains a set of links to different college web pages--the online class schedule or to other informative websites like  When you click on these links a new window opens.  To return to your page you just need to close the window in front.  You have about 30 minutes to access information outside MyGCC before the system automatically logs you off.  This is done to protect your privacy.

The two pull-down menus at the top of the content page let you choose the specific type of personal information you are looking for in the selected semester or year.  To navigate from one page to another, you simply select the appropriate item, click the GO button and the content area will display the information associated with the item you have just selected.

Designing Your Page

The last item in the menu, "design my page", lets you set up your "look" for the page by selecting the artistic design and colors that you want.

To set up a bookmark/favorite for your portal page you should do it at the login page.  Otherwise you will be redirected to the log in page.  You must log in each time you want to access your personal page.

Browser Recommendations:

To view MyGCC properly, we recommend Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher, or Netscape 4.0 or higher.  Other browsers should work, but some features may not be available.

Some browser settings can impact your use of MyGCC.  If you have not changed any default settings, you should be OK.  MyGCC requires that your browser be JavaScript enabled, it must accept cookies, and it should allow the use of stylesheets (if you want it to look its best).  We do not store any personal information about you in the cookie file, it is simply used by the server to maintain consistency from page to page.  Please consult your browser's help area if you need to change your browser's settings.

Getting Help

If you need help using MyGCC please check the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) link for answers to some general questions.

If you encounter any problems or have any suggestions, please contact us using the Feedback page.  It will help us track some of the problems and improve MyGCC .


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